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Video Systems

We cater to those using broadcast and audio/video applications in the education and corporate areanas: video production, video post production, audio applications, presentation systems, distance education, mobile production, and computer-based multimedia applications.

Video Productions

  1. A great concept is crucial to the success of a video. After initial consultation with you on the goals and content of your video we get to work on creative approaches and concepts. We typically present a handful of ideas to you for review and discussion.

  2. After you select the best concept for your video we continue the production process with script writing and storyboarding. We'll map out dialogue with proposed animation ideas to match. We'll also create the overall visual look and feel for the video.

  3. Each video is unique. Wether we've decided the project calls for real footage, animation, or a mixture, we'll present working versions for your review as we nail down a final cut.

  • Product Launch and Demonstration Videos

  • Brand Videos

  • Tradeshows & Events

  • Training Videos

  • Tech Support “How-To”

  • Viral Internet Videos

  • Video Marketing Strategies

  • Video Media Buying

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Facility Tours

  • Medical Procedures

  • Video Email

  • Video News Release

  • Pre-Roll Video

  • Video Blogs

  • Presentations

  • YouTube Channel Management

  • Scripting

  • Storyboarding

  • Casting & Talent Management

  • Location Scouting

  • Studio & On-Location Production Management

  • HD Video Recording

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

  • Green Screen

  • Sound Design & Recording

  • Music Scoring

  • Voiceover Talent

Let us know if you want to add our collection to your store! 

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